To God be the Glory!


As I’m sitting here recovering from my 7th Csection and hitting the hormonal wall of emotion, I’m reminded of 2 things. One is something my 2nd oldest son constantly reminds me of during the tough times of pregnancy (and there are many with my age and the dynamics of our family!), he says, “It’s all worth it Mom.” The second thing that comes to mind is from my Heavenly Father. He says it several times in His word- Hebrews 13:5, Deuteronomy 31:6&8, Joshua 1:5, 1 Chronicles 28:20… “I will never leave you or forsake you.” That has been His answer to my heart cries of, “Lord, I’m scared of…” And He says, “I am with you and will not forsake you.” I humbly bow, crying, “Father, I’m so weary, how am I going to…?” And He says “I will be with you and will help you.” I ask for wisdom, “Lord, there is so much to do, how will I know…” He answers, “I will show you the way you should go, and I will be with you.” And you know what… It WAS ALL worth it!! All the sleepless nights, all the pain, and the unknowns… All of it was worth it for Him and for this precious life I hold in my arms! And His promises ARE truth and He is ALWAYS FAITHFUL! He has never let me down or left me alone. He has ALWAYS provided the energy or rest or whatever I needed, so I was able to do all He called me to do. He always sends help when I need it through my family, my husband, my children, and my dear friends and through their prayers! So I live to the Praise of His Glory! For it is not I who do these things, it is Him Who supplies above and beyond all I could ask or think. (Ephesians 3:20) To Him be all praise and glory forever and ever! Amen!!


By The Goodlin Family

We are a family of 10, now 11 through marriage, seeking Jesus and living for the praise of His glory. Our desire is to encourage each other and others in our daily walk with the Lord, our Journey to Jesus.

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