Running with Ben

If you knew my youngest son, Ben, you would possibly describe him as a fireball, full of energy. He is confident. He never stops talking, and he runs until he cant run anymore! One day, he and I were running on the trail with 2 of his older siblings. He wanted to lead; but then… Continue reading Running with Ben



I was running today using a training app.  On my training plan, it was a “Speed Run” day.  During the training, the coach had me balance on one leg for 45 seconds.  He said (something to the effect of…), “If your standing leg is shaking and moving, that is good!  That means it is working!  It is building strength and… Continue reading Balance

Running with Jesus…a Book

A couple of years ago, I had a whisper in my heart to write a book.  I even posted about it here: . That whispering to write has never gone away.  In fact last year it became so loud that I even put time in my schedule to write.  Life gets so loud though, and the urgent… Continue reading Running with Jesus…a Book

Overcoming Weakness… in Running and in life

I once read in a running article, “Running doesn’t cause injuries, it reveals weaknesses.”  I wish I could give credit to where I read it, but I can not remember or find the source.  The words, however, struck a cord with me.  As I have increased my mileage over the last year, weaknesses have been revealed! … Continue reading Overcoming Weakness… in Running and in life

Race Challenge 2018

Come and join us, if you are local, to run the FCA River Valley Run on November 3, 2018! It is a great cause with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  This particular race is so encouraging with bible verses posted at each mile marker! If you aren’s local, find a race in November near you and sign up!… Continue reading Race Challenge 2018

Be the Champion God Created you to be… Running with Jesus

  Something I’ve learned about growth and doing hard things is that I need help!  I need people who have walked before me to show me the way.  I need to seek out people who are champions, who have succeeded, who have “good fruit” as the bible says, and ask them questions like these:  … Continue reading Be the Champion God Created you to be… Running with Jesus